I may not be able to change the adults,
but I will do my best to help children...

After all, they’re the adults of tomorrow...”

Embracing the Power Underneath Each Scar

The social psychology of feeling motivated and unmotivated by the challenges of life are often tied to experiences that start in the home and with family life. Many people struggle to cope with low motivation, feeling alone and isolated even from those closest to them. Connecting with other people about the universality of these shared experiences can provide some comfort and relief to those struggling to overcome these internal and external battles with the self.

Through a series of design animations and objects, this thesis invites the audience to explore some of the unusual methods different people use to overcome their life obstacles. By exploring both the mechanics of game design and the emotive qualities of animation, the project asks the audience to reconsider how flaws might be viewed as a strength by creating something that is both beautiful and extraordinary within individuals and their work.



Card Game


Kitta Dominance

This game allowes the player o experince how some people with compromised well-being get by in life by odd methods like putting themselves under extreme stressful situations to gain power in order to survive (which sometimes may lead into depression).
The cat Kitta is a representation of struggles and toxic matters in life, and how if you have a lot of the “cat Kitta” cards you may gain some powers to help you survive this game.


Skills Developed

Matching, pairing, and recognizing numbers.

The Pack

59-card pack is used,

however, 3 of them are the Kitta Cards

Object of the Game

The goal is to form and discard pairs of cards, and not to be left with the Kitta card at the end.

The Deal

Any player shuffles the pack and deals them around, one at a time to each player, until all the cards have been handed out. Players do not need to have an equal number of cards.

The Play

Each player removes all pairs from his hand face down. (e.g : pair of “ 2 both  Yellow” is a pair)

The dealer then offers his hand, spread out face down, to the player on his left, who draws one card from it.

This player discards any pair that may have been formed by the drawn card.

He then offers his own hand to the player on his left.


Play proceeds in this way until all cards have been paired except one the last kit card, which cannot be paired - and the player who has that card is the Kitta!



there are 3 main Kitta Cards,

and you can lay two of them as a pair, and when you do that you can activate their powers.

Chaos: switch random cards between you and another player or two other players.

Can only be activated if you have any other Kitta card

set down the chaos Kitta with the other Kitta card as a set

switch random cards between you and another player or two other players.

Dominance: Place this card into someone else’s set.

can only be activated if you have  the 3 Kitta cards.

(two layed down as a set, and this one placed in another player’s set)

WishBone: Request a specific card from any player.

Can only be activated if you have any other Kitta card

set down the wishbone card with the other Kitta card as a set

Request a specific card from any player






For the final exhibition it included:

  • collage of the main character Haultey, and Kitta.

  • 4 posters of the 4 main scenes included in the animation.

  • an iMac displaying the animation.

  • The Card Game.

  • Haultey handmaid stuffed dolls

  • giveaways business cards

    • (one side information, the other side a scene from the animation)

Full Exhibition

Full Exhibition

Collage of Haultey & Kitta.

Collage of Haultey & Kitta.

Haultey Dolls on display.

Haultey Dolls on display.

Card Game on display

Card Game on display

The four posters of the animation + Haultey quote.

The four posters of the animation + Haultey quote.

Giveaways business cards.

Giveaways business cards.

Haultey handmade dolls.

Haultey handmade dolls.



by Aziz Al-Hothi

These tracks were composed by Abdulaziz (Aziz) Al-Hothi.
Used only for the animation designed for this project.



At the end I wish to thank all of those who helped me through this project. All of those who supported it, believed in what it represents..
I’d like to thank

  • My advisors Prof.Basma and Prof.Denielle for all the trouble they went through for these project to become what it is now.

  • My family, especially my siblings (Dr.Abdulla, Aziz, and Layla Alhothi).

  • My friends, for being my second family. for being my happiness & my support.

    and thank YOU for reaching this far viewing my BFA Thesis project.